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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Completion of SPOT

Finally, at any time you may stop your SPOT experience for any reason. If you decide you don’t want to do SPOT anymore, or you find that your time demands have changed, just notify your WM by email, and your account will be cancelled. Please be aware that all your work will also be cancelled, so always save your work on your own computer in addition to posting it on Bb. Your WM may also suggest that you’ve done enough work, particularly if he/she feels you have enough good work that may produce a passing UDWE portfolio, or if your work appears to consistently meet the expectations listed above.

To reiterate, a student completes SPOT if any one of the following things occur:

  • the student is inactive on the SPOT Bb site or has not communicated by email with her WM for two (2) consecutive weeks and has not replied to an email that her WM sends concerning her inactivity within seven (7) days of the sending of the email, which makes a total inactive time of three (3) weeks;
  • the student decides for whatever reason that she is done with her SPOT experience, and notifies her WM by email;
  • the student or the WM decides at some point within six (6) months of starting SPOT that the student has enough adequate material to put together a passable UDWE portfolio (although this is not a guarantee that the student’s portfolio will pass the UDWE), and she puts the portfolio together and submits it to her WM.