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Division of Continuing and Global Education


Spring Intersession

May 20 - June 7, 2024

Spring Intersession is a 3-week program that offers dozens of Fresno State classes in condensed formats. A mix of in-person, Zoom-based, and asynchronous classes are available. Classes begin the Monday after commencement.

Intersession fees are $305 per unit and fees are due on or before May 6, 2024. After that, fees must be paid within 24 hours of enrollment.

Course List Now Available!

The list of courses for the 2024 Spring Intersession is now available. Courses will be available for search in the MyFresnoState portal starting March 1 and you will be able to add them to your wish list at that time. Registration will open on March 11. Please note that the course list is subject to change.

2024 Spring Intersession Course List

Why enroll in Spring Intersession?

Spring Intersession allows you to concentrate on a single class instead of a full course load. Taking Spring Intersession classes may also help you graduate sooner. Spring Intersession can also be an opportunity for Fresno State students and community members to explore new areas of study outside of the traditional academic year.

How do Intersession classes differ from regular semester courses?

Intersession classes provide the same academic credit as regular semester classes, but in a highly condensed format. During Intersession, you are essentially working full-time on a class with reports, assignments, exams, etc. coming at a much faster pace. Please plan work, travel, and other commitments accordingly.

Will Intersession classes count toward my Fresno State degree?

Intersession classes bear residency and are identical to regular semester classes at Fresno State. Ask your advisor if a specific class meets your degree requirements.

What is the difference between Spring Intersession and Summer Semester?

There is no difference in content or quality. Spring Intersession is a shorter program that begins after Commencement in May. Students who take Intersession classes will be finished within three weeks. Summer Semester classes are scheduled after Intersession and may be longer (up to 9-weeks). The required fees are also different for each session.

When will the Spring Intersession class list be released?

The tentative class list will be released in early March, 2024.

Who may register for Spring Intersession classes?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age may register as long as they meet the minimum course requirements. Students from Fresno State, other California State University campuses, other colleges, and even community members can register. Some classes have restricted enrollment and require permission from the instructor or a department office before registration. See the “Registration” tab for more information. 

Do prerequisites apply to Spring Intersession classes?

YES, you must have met all applicable prerequisites to enroll in a Spring Intersession class. You may view prerequisite information in the University Catalog. View the Registration tab for more information.

May I take an online Spring Intersession class if I am not in the Fresno area?

Possibly. Before registering, please contact the instructor to make sure there are no activities (e.g. orientations, meetings, field trips, exams, etc.) that require your physical presence. If there are, you may ask the instructor if they are willing to make exceptions. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to meet all class requirements as defined by the instructor.

How long are Spring Intersession classes?

Most Spring Intersession classes are three weeks in length. A handful may be shorter, but all instruction, assignments, and exams will be completed within the three-week session.

Where can I find an instructor's contact information?

Most instructors are in the Campus Directory. If your instructor is not listed, you may email for assistance.

When may I register for Spring Intersession?

Registration opens for all students in early March, 2024. There is no priority registration for Spring Intersession. View the Registration tab for more information.

When are Spring Intersession fees due?

The payment deadline is May 6, 2024. After that, payment is due immediately upon registration. View the Payment tab for more information.

What happens if I am dropped from Spring Intersession for nonpayment.

You may re-enroll in the same class or join the wait list, if seats are still available.

Is financial aid available during Spring Intersession?

Financial aid may be available for continuing matriculated students enrolled in a minimum of 6 units during Spring Intersession and/or Summer Semester. You must have leftover aid from the prior academic year.

What happens if my Spring Intersession class is removed from the schedule?

If your class is removed from the schedule by the University, you will receive a full refund and may enroll in a different class if you wish.

Where do I purchase my Spring Intersession books?

The Kennel Bookstore will offer Spring Intersession books (in physical and electronic formats). Some classes may offer course materials at no cost.

Will I need a parking permit during Spring Intersession?

Permits are required to park on campus during Spring Intersession. Daily permits are $5. You may also purchase a summer parking permit for $44.

How do I obtain support services for a disability?

Services for Students with Disabilities is available to provide support services during Spring Intersession. You must request services in advance.

What campus and student services will be available during Spring Intersession?

The Kennel Bookstore, Student Union, Student Recreation Center, Student Health Center, and various other services will be available. Some services may have reduced hours or require an additional fee for summer access. View the Campus Services tab for more information.

When and where will Spring Intersession grades be posted?

Spring Intersession grades are expected to post to transcripts on August 16, 2024, regardless of the actual end date of your class(es). You may be able to view your grades sooner by logging into your MyFresnoState Student Center and clicking on "My Grades." Grades are not considered "official" by the University until they are posted to transcripts.

I have additional questions/concerns about Spring Intersession.

Contact the Division of Continuing and Global Education during business hours by calling 559.278.0333, emailing, or visiting room 130 in the Education Building.