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Beginning Grant Writing

Beginning Grant


This is the introductory course of a three-part intensive and practical Certificate Program that is designed for grant writing professionals and those who are interested in learning how to locate specific grant funding opportunities, develop strategies for preparing and writing successful grants, and improving their skills in writing and editing grant applications.  It will also teach them the skills to effectively bring together a writing team, manage one's time effectively including utilizing a formula for time and page allocations for each section of the grant application process. In addition, it will demonstrate the value of writing from a reviewer's perspective plus techniques to maximize scoring points to have a more successful proposal. Participants will be provided sufficient time to improve their writing skills by rewriting example proposal sections to improve their writing and editing skills. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring laptops, to facilitate writing, rewriting, and sharing of their comments with others. 

WORKSHOP PART B:  BASIC GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING II (This workshop builds upon workshop Part A)

Workshop participants will continue to improve their writing skills and editing techniques to successfully answer each grant application section completely and concisely in the space allowed to improve their chances of having a successful proposal. It will continue to stress the time and page allocation formulas for successful grant writing. The workshop will also continue the in-depth review of the remaining application sections including key personnel, budget, evaluation, and self-sufficiency. They will also learn how to initiate funding searches and how to initiate funding searches and how to make more informed decisions regarding moving forward on applying for a specific grant program. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring laptops to facilitate rewriting and editing example components of a grant application.


This workshop directly builds upon Workshop Part A and B. Time will be allocated for participants to continue to improve their writing and editing skills including in-depth discussions of rewrites of sections of example proposals. Participants will learn how to identify program-related costs to build a successful detailed budget. They will also learn where to locate public and private funding sources and how to focus their searches. They will conduct private funding searches and learn how to write letters of intent, addressing specific foundation application issues, and determining funding request levels and how to develop long-term funding options. Participants are encouraged to bring grant proposals they are currently working on or proposals they have recently submitted for review in class. After completion of the Certificate Award, each participant will be given time by the instructor to conduct an in-depth review of a future grant proposal to assist each participant in their post-workshop grant writing efforts.


Fridays: TBA Fall 2023 Saturdays: TBA Fall 2023


Fridays: TBA Saturdays: TBA



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Last Day to Register


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Optional Unit


One Optional unit of academic credit is available for this program. Participants must register and complete (attend) all workshops. Please contact Monica Acosta at for information on how to enroll.

Unit: 1 (One)
Course:  ERE 180T
Grading Option:  Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Fee:  $75


About the Instructor

Daniel J. Griffin, Ed. D. has over 35 years of experience in writing, editing, and scoring grants plus managing and evaluating numerous grant programs. Dr. Griffin has written over 210 awarded grants including his last 9 successful grant applications totaling over $11 million. Dr. Griffin has extensive experience in writing proposals with all local, state, and federal agencies plus numerous private foundations.


Fridays: Zoom; Saturdays: Education 140 (On Campus)