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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools

Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation in Schools will discuss definitions and the personal, social and legal ramifications associated with sexual harassment, bullying and cyber-intimidation. The course will address what we know about these troubling areas. We will then explore preventative strategies as well as how school staff can address these issues when they occur. A clear understanding of what constitutes harassment and the harmful effects of harassment on people and institutions is essential to providing a safe and inclusive school environment for all. Ideal for elementary, middle, and high school instructors.

  • Dates: Self-paced; students may register now through November 21, 2014; coursework must be completed by December 18, 2014.
  • Place: N/A
  • Class No: TBD
  • Units: Two
  • Course: COUN 180T
  • Grading Option: Letter Grade
  • Fee: $330
  • Instructor: Candyce Reynolds, Ph.D.