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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Spring 2020 Newsletter


Dear Continuing and Global Education Supporters,

As our campus has transitioned to distance learning, we remain committed as ever to providing support to the students in Continuing and Global Education. I would like to update you on the ways in which we are providing this support and ensuring that our students not only succeed, but thrive.

Veterans Education Program

When the Veterans Education Program moved to online instruction, our focus was making sure that our students would be well-equipped with the technology needed for virtual learning and would be adequately supported through the transition process. Our faculty are committed to student success, working quickly and efficiently to deliver exemplary virtual instruction to our students. Although this disruption has presented challenges to our student veterans, they have responded with focus, flexibility, and resiliency. Once again, our students and faculty have answered the call of service.

Joe Greene standing in front of veterans education program banner"Transitioning to online classes is challenging, but that's what the Marine Corps has prepared me to do, to adapt and overcome any situation that is thrown at you. That's what me and my family are doing, adapting to these new times and there is no doubt that we will come out better on the other side of this pandemic," said Joe Greene, a member of the Veterans Education Program class of 2020.

"It's more crucial, now, to stay positive and keep jumping the hurdles that face us. The younger generations look to us for the answers and showing them how to stay positive and using the skills that we all learned is the key to success."
- Joe Greene

Study Abroad 

Thirty Fresno State students were studying abroad during the spring semester, which provided a logistical challenge in bringing home these students to complete their studies online. Thanks to the herculean efforts of CGE staff, in just two weeks 28 students were returned to the United States, and two were returned to their home countries abroad to shelter in place with their families.

Dimitria Wack posing on mountain"I was interning abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, when I received a personal message, and my parents received a personal phone call from Dean Moore requesting that I return home. He even offered to pay for my flight home," said Demitria Wack. "I had not yet understood the seriousness of COVID-19, as it was yet to hit South Africa in high numbers. Upon the request and through financial support, Dean Moore helped me get out of a perilous situation. My parents and I could not be more thankful for the university's thoughtfulness during this challenging time."

"I want to make sure I show my full and eternal gratefulness for Fresno State at this time. I am overwhelmed by the support."
- Demitria Wack

International Students

While some of Fresno State’s international students remain in Fresno, many have returned home and face the additional challenge of adapting to online classes.

Akamine studying on a desk"So far, I have been adjusting to the transition from in-person instruction to virtual instruction well, as most professors are trying to provide the best way to give lectures online," said Sho Akamine, who has returned to his family in Japan.

"When professors provide lectures virtually online, it helps me keep up with the classes because I can interact with the professor whenever I want, like in face-to-face courses," said Akamine. And living with his family during this crisis, while still being able to complete his college courses at Fresno State, is an unexpected benefit.




We Appreciate Your Ongoing Support

Thank you for the role you have so graciously played supporting our students. You have provided unique opportunities that enhance our student’s education. I am thankful to include you in our community that uplifts and invests in Fresno State students.

Thank you,

Scott Moore, Dean
Continuing and Global Education