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Course Proposal Forms

A course proposal form is required for each course section scheduled through the Division of Continuing and Global Education. Course proposal forms must be submitted using Adobe Sign.



Winter Intersession

Winter Intersession is scheduled between the fall and spring semesters. Learn more about Winter Intersession
Course proposals accepted: September 21 - October 3, 2022.
Session dates: December 26, 2022 - January 13, 2023.
Winter Intersession Program Coordinator: please contact Deni Dukic at with any questions about this submission process.

Spring Intersession

Spring Intersession is the first three weeks after Commencement. Learn more about Spring Intersession.
Course proposals accepted:
October 24 - December 2, 2022.
Session dates: May 22 - June 9, 2023.
Spring Intersession Program Coordinator: please contact David Hoff at with any questions about this submission process.

Intersession courses are offered during the three-week breaks after the fall and spring semesters. Faculty who wish to teach Intersession courses should first discuss department course needs with their chairs. Course proposals require review from the department chair and dean. Intersession is ideal for supervision, performance, low enrollment, internship, and unusually weighted courses.


Special Session

Special Session course proposals are accepted year-round. Please submit form at least three months before the first day of class.

Special Session courses are mostly scheduled as part of larger, established programs. The following programs use Special Session course proposal forms:


Extension course proposals are accepted year-round. Please submit form at least three months before the first day of class.

Extenson courses are intended for community members who are not matriculated at Fresno State. They are often scheduled for specific groups to obtain credit for professional development activities. There are two types of Extension classes: credit and non-credit (a.k.a. professional development).

Extension Credit: classes from the Fresno State General Catalog that provide participants with academic credit, but do not bear residency.  Extension credit classes are intended for non-Fresno State students and community members. The Extension Credit Proposal Form is used for Uni-track and BTSA courses. Extension proposals for credit classes will be routed for review by the approriate department chair and dean at Fresno State (see the University Catalog for the responsible department for each class, or contact the Program Coordinator for assistance). 

Extension Non-Credit: classes do not bear academic credit. They will appear on students' Professional Development Transcripts, not thier University Transcripts. Noncredit classes are ideal for Fresno State and non-Fresno State students. Noncredit classes are preceded by the letters "EX" (example EXEDUC 84). These courses may offer Continuing Education Units. Non-credit courses do not require approval from department chairs or deans.

Faculty-Led Travel Study

Course proposals are accepted at various times throughout the year. Please discuss your proposal with the Program Coordinator before submitting this form. Learn more.

Faculty who wish to offer travel study programs should discuss department needs with their chairs. Progrmas must be reviewed by the chairs and deans responsible for the relevant courses. Programs may be poffered during summer, winter, or spring breaks. Salaries are calcualted using Salary Schedule 2322.

Study Abroad Coordinator: email Rishad Gandhi, Study Abroad Coordinator, at with any questions about hte submission process or to submit a proposal.

Course Scheduling Guide

There are four terms for class scheduling in Continuing and Global Education: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

  • Winter Intersession classes are scheduled in Winter.
  • Spring Intersession and Summer Session classes are scheduled in Summer.
  • All other classes are scheduled based on the term containing the class end date (refer to the academic calendar)
Continuing and Global Education Dates and Programs
Term Start Date End Date Programs
Fall 2022 August 17, 2022 December 22, 2022 Special Session, Extension
Winter 2023 December 26, 2022 January 13, 2023 Winter Intersession, Special Session, Extension, Faculty-Led Travel Study
Spring 2023 January 16, 2023 May 20, 2023 Special Session, Extension
Summer 2023 May 23, 2023 August 11, 2023 Intersession, Special Session, Extension, Faculty-Led Travel Study

Course proposal forms have the following fields:

  • Course: (e.g. HIST 11).
  • Course Title: as it appears in the University Catalog (e.g. American History to 1877).
  • Units: provided by the course (e.g. 3).
  • Start Date: the first day of class or online instruction (e.g. 6/14/21).
  • End Date: the last day of class or online instruction (e.g. 8/9/21).
  • Maximum Enrollment: the capacity for the class section (e.g. 22). This may be overridden with permission numbers. Please note that "W" courses are capped at 25 seats.
  • Class Type: the modality of the class (e.g. Blended II or Digital Campus). Please note that Digital Campus courses must have completed any necessary approvals for online curriculum delivery.
  • Restrict all enrollment with permission numbers or permission lists: determines whether or not class will be open to all interested students who meet catalog requirements, or if permission numbers will be required for all enrolled students.
  • Student Permission Contact: If the previous question is marked "yes" a contact person or email must be provided. This will be the person responsible for distributing permission numbers to students (e.g. instructor or department assistant).
  • Lecture/Seminar Class Meetings: if your class has a lecture/seminar component with specific class meeting dates/times, you will use these fields to provide the information.
  • Meeting Days: the days of the week your class will meet (e.g. MWF for a section that has Monday/Wednesday/Friday class meetings)
  • Meeting Times: the start and end times of the class meetings (e.g. 10am - 10:50am)
  • Requested Location: the requested room assignment for this class (e.g. PB 103). CGE will make every effort to provide you with your preferred room.
  • Lab/Activity 1 Class Meetings (if needed): if your class has a secondary section for lab meetings, please enter the information for that section here. Please note that "L" classes (e.g. CHEM 1AL; PHYS 4AL) require their own course proposal forms.
  • Lab/Activity 2 Class Meetings (if needed): some lecture/lab classes are offered with two lab options. If this is the case, please enter the information for the second section here.
  • Attach File (optional): if your class schedule cannot be explained in the spaces provided (e.g. only meets on certain days, takes days or weeks off), you may attach a Word or Excel document here with meeting dates/times. You do not have to do this if your class is interrupted by a campus holiday.

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Fresno State ID: Please write TBD if not known yet.
  • Highest Degree Held: (e.g. Ph.D. or M.S.)
  • Email Address
  • Instructor Rank: Please indicate your current rank. New hires may indicate "not applicable."
  • On-Campus Extension: (e.g. 0333) write "N/A" if you do not have one.
  • Off-Campus Phone: a secondary contact number.
  • Campus Department: your home department on campus (e.g. History).
  • What is your CURRENT faculty employment status at Fresno State: indicate whether you work at Fresno State full-time or part-time as a faculty member.
  • Will this class be team taught: if you are team-teaching the proposed class, please mark "YES." Your second instructor must submit a separate course proposal form (the Scheduling Information may be the same as your form).
  • Will you receive additional pay/overload: Mark "YES" if you have will any assignments that put you above 100% workload other than CGE classes (e.g. grants, special assignments, etc.) during the semesters in which the proposed course will be scheduled.
  • Will you be on leave/sabbatical for any portion of this assignment: Mark "yes" if any planned leaves overlap with the dates of this proposed course.
  • Will you be on the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) for any portion of this assignment?
  • If you are a recent reitree, will this assignment beign at least 6 months after your retirement date: a reminder--you must be retired for at least six months before you may begin a teaching assignment through CGE.

Course Proposal Forms have a second page that is specific to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for common questions regarding both the submission process and Adobe Sign. If you have a question regarding a specific program, please check the website for more information. If you still cannot find the information you need, please contact the appropriate program coordinator or email 

Contact the appropriate program coordinator for an update on your form’s progress through the approval process.

A volunteer form is required if you are teaching a class through CGE without expectation of pay. Please note that the CGE volunteer form is different from the University volunteer form. Each course proposal below includes a version that is bundled with a volunteer form.

A syllabus is only required if you are submitting a Faculty-Led Travel Study course proposal, a proposal for a brand-new (never previously offered) topic or noncredit class, or if your department or college/school requires a syllabus as part of an internal approval process.

Please contact the appropriate Program Coordinator before proceeding with the form. They will help you identify the proper person for the role or, if needed, send you a copy of the form that omits that particular role.

For best results, ALWAYS use addresses when sending forms.

Adobe Sign treats and as separate accounts. The signer will receive an email prompt to sign the form and may use that link to do so, even if the form does not appear within their Adobe Sign portal.

If all else fails and your signer cannot access the form, please ask the CGE Program Coordinator to correct the email.

Canceled forms were stopped during the approval process by one of the signers. If you are uncertain of the next steps for your proposal, please contact the signer who declined the form for clarification or the appropriate CGE Program Coordinator.

 Adobe Sign will give you the option to print a copy of the form when you sign. When the form has been completely processed, it will be available for download in your Adobe Sign portal as long as you use email addresses to route the form.