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Study Abroad



The mission of the Study Abroad Office is to facilitate international educational experiences that are academically meaningful, financially accessible, and enhance the value of a Fresno State degree. Our programs help students develop intercultural competencies and relevant leadership skills necessary for success in our diverse Central Valley community. We also seek to contribute to the University’s internationalization efforts by supporting faculty in their teaching and research interests abroad.

Why Study Abroad

  • Experience new cultures by immersing yourself in it.
  • Make lasting friendships with people from many different countries.
  • Increase your self-confidence and independence.
  • Employers look for graduates with soft skills such as adaptability, relationship building, communications, self-esteem, resilience and confidence, gained through study abroad.
  • It can help you focus on a field of study and/or career path.
  • Study abroad provides you with cross-cultural awareness, a critical 21st century skill.
  • Study abroad is not just about fun; it is a serious, intellectual, emotional and psychological experience.
  • Time spent in other countries will deepen your appreciation for the many different ways that other societies approach common problems.
  •  Learn or practice a new language.