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Fresno Area

Where is Fresno?

Fresno is within easy driving distance of cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles and several national parks such as Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia.

Fresno Climate

Fresno has mostly sunny weather except for a three-month period in the winter (Dec-Feb). It does not usually snow in Fresno but it does in nearby Yosemite National Park and adjacent mountain areas. You should bring lightweight clothing for the summer and medium to heavyweight clothing for the winter.

listing of Fresno's weather in the four seasons of the year
Seasons Fahrenheit Centigrade Weather
Fall - Sept-Nov
fall september-november
45 to 95 7.2 to 35 mostly sunny
Winter - Dec-Feb
winter december-february
25 to 80 -3.8 to 26.6 little sunshine
Spring - March-May
spring march-may
55 to 90 12.7 to 32.2 mostly sunny
Summer - June-Aug
summer june-august
80 to 110 26.6 to 43.3 mostly sunny


Fresno Size

Fresno is a city with a multiethnic population of over 600,000 located on the western edges of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.