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American English Institute

Getting a New F-1 Visa Procedures

If you are still in your country and need an F-1 student visa, please follow these steps.

  1. Receive your acceptance documents. If you are accepted to the American English Institute, we will send you an acceptance letter with your SEVIS ID number and our school ID number by email.
  2. Pay your SEVIS I-901 fee. After you have received your acceptance letter with these numbers, go online and pay your SEVIS I-901 fee. Do not pay this fee to the AEI.  You will need to bring this receipt to your visa interview.  Dependents applying for F-2 visas do not have to pay the SEVIS fee.
    Additional information regarding the SEVIS fee may be found on the following website:
  3. Complete an online DS-160 visa application. This form and additional information may be found on the following website:
  4. Make an appointment with the U.S. embassy/consulate. To start the process of getting your student visa, contact your nearest U.S. embassy/consulate to make an appointment. Before you make an appointment, be sure you have paid your SEVIS I-901 fee and have completed the DS-160 application. 

You must bring the following documents when you go for your visa interview:

  • Form I-20 from the American English Institute
  • AEI acceptance documents
  • SEVIS I-901 payment receipt
  • Printed DS-160 completion receipt
  • Valid passport
  • Two-inch by two-inch photo of yourself
  • Financial documents
  • Housing reservation (if available)

You will receive your form I-20 in the mail with a hard copy of your acceptance letter. The AEI will not send you a digital copy of your form I-20.