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International Office

Oman Financial Guarantees

Sponsored Student Financial Guarantee (FG) Submission Form

Sponsored students complete this form to upload their Financial Guarantee (FG) every semester.
FG Submission Form

Know the conditions of your financial guarantee

  1. Does the effective date on your financial guarantee cover this semester?
  2. Are you taking an online course(s)?  If YES, some sponsors need prior approval for the online course(s).

READ YOUR FINANCIAL GUARANTEE - If you have any questions on your financial guarantee, please contact your Fresno State advisor and/or consult your sponsor advisor to clarify the conditions of your financial guarantee.

Some financial guarantees DO NOT cover:

  • Dropped Course(es)

Fall/Spring Semester - Drop course(s) on or before the 10th day of instruction during the spring or fall semester or you could be financially responsible for the non-resident tuition fee for each unit dropped ($396 per unit).  Make sure your class schedule is what you want before the 10th day of classes.

Summer/May-June/Winter Sessions - Drop your course(s) before the first day of instruction to avoid a late drop fee of 35% or you could be financially responsible for the late drop fees.

  • Withdrawn courses

Once grades are posted to the transcripts for the term, the International Office will check to see if you have a W or WU as a grade for any course.  If you have a W or WU, the fees for those course units may/will become your financial responsibility, depending on the conditions of your financial guarantee.

  • Online courses

If your financial guarantee requires prior approval for online courses, obtain approval as soon as you are registered for the online course(s).  If you do not receive approval from your Sponsor for the online course(s), you may/will become your financially responsible and the fees they will appear on your student account.  Many of the summer, May-June, and winter Intersession courses are online.

12 units maximum (under normal conditions of course) per May of the Oman Embassy

  • Study Abroad
    • If your financial guarantee does not cover fees related to study abroad, you will be financially responsible for those fees. 
  • You need to know
    • Major Changes - need approval from Sponsors, you may lose your scholarship by changing your major without approval.
    • Letter requests must be made online through appropriate links on the International Office’s website, CLICK HERE.
    • SACM students are not allowed to enroll in Arabic, Islamic, Music, or Dance courses.
    • Updated financial guarantees must be sent to the international office to Andrea Alatorre at