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International Office

Rithika Bollure Srinivas


Country/Languages - India / English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, a little bit of Kannada.

Major - Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Why did you choose Fresno State? 
Because of its diversity, It’s a package of many things like, good place to acquire knowledge from, located near to Silicon Valley for a perfect career, Fresno state’s interactive sessions, cultural and technical events, sports, especially because of the liveliness on the campus, which I have observed on the social media platform before joining.

What’s the best thing about Fresno State? 
I would say the campus, dignified professors who are very helpful, and the student involvement initiatives which I have been seeing from the day 1, even during the pandemic the efforts which was made to make the students get involved in each and every aspect was spectacular, right from the Welcome bag pick-up to International coffee hours during spring semester and also the welcome week of this fall semester is exciting enough, it's great to be a part of all the mini-events going in and around the campus. 

What are your favorite campus activities? 
International Coffee Hour, new student orientation, welcome week, and many more to be added in the near future.

What are your favorite local activities? 
Playing Golf and attend Indian Student Club get-together.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Fresno, California?
Shopping at fashion fair, Boating and enjoying the scenic views in and around Fresno like Shaver lake, Pine lake, and visiting other famous places covering the Bay area, Santa Cruz etc.

What are your plans after you graduate? 
I intend to find a job in the VLSI field as a Design Verification Engineer.

Advice for new students?
This one line tells it all, “Design a life that you are inspired to live” - Annette White. Life keeps on going, challenges are here and there, so do not forget to enjoy, explore, and fill your life with experiences and stories to tell.