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International Office

Jasleen Dhillon

Jasleen Dhillon

India Flag

Country/Languages: India/Hindi, Punjabi, English

Major: Computer Science

Why did you choose Fresno State?  
It is one of the top colleges in the US that has ongoing research in the area of data sciences, which is my area of interest. 

What’s the best thing about Fresno State?
It has the most helpful faculty that any university can offer. Also, the endless resources that it offers to every student - be it in-state or out-of-state.

What are your favorite campus activities?
Bowling, chilling with my friends in USU or by the fountain.

What are your favorite local activities?
Going to movies, coffee shops or trying the famous fast-food joints of the US.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Fresno, California?
Visiting nearby hiking trails and lakes.

What are your plans after you graduate?
Go for a Doctor’s degree after working in the industry for some time.

Advice for new students?
Ask as many questions as you can - this will help you in making your transition to a foreign place smooth and enjoyable.