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International Office

Anmoldeep Singh


Country: India

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi and English

Major: Civil Engineering

Why did you choose Fresno State?
I chose Fresno State because of the number of opportunities it provides to students. It has an affordable tuition fee structure and has a great civil engineering program. 

What’s the best thing about Fresno State? 
The best thing about Fresno State is the diversity and its school spirit when it comes to football. Moreover, The best thing about Fresno State is the people. The people make the University. Everyone is really nice and friendly. No matter where you're from or what your background is, everyone is willing to open the lines of communication to make your experience on campus one you will never forget.

What are your favorite campus activities?
International Coffee Hour

What are your favorite local activities?
Exploring tower district, river park and other new places with friends

What’s your favorite thing to do in Fresno, California?
Fresno hosts a lot of car and truck shows. Going for these shows is worthwhile. 

What are your plans after you graduate?
I’m planning for a masters after graduation. 

Advice for new students?
Come out of your comfort zone and try to explore new things. Push your limits and never hesitate to ask for help.