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American English Institute


Fresno State Students may apply for the following opportunities at the American English Institute:

Volunteer Experiences

Conversation Partners – Conversation partners interact with individuals or small groups of students one or two hours a week.

Classroom Assistants – Classroom assistants work with a teacher during class to provide extra help to the teacher or the students for one or more hours a week.

Apprentices – Apprentices are assigned to an AEI course, where they work under the supervision of an experienced classroom teacher for an entire session. Apprentices experience the nature of the ESL classroom from the planning stages to the turning in of final grades. Apprentices should have completed Linguistics 141 and Linguistics 171. Applicants for an apprenticeship should apply a session prior to the one they wish to start.

Course Requirements

Classroom Observations – Students enrolled in Linguistics 141 or 241 may be required to observe ESL classrooms. The AEI provides a place for such observations. Please email us at for our current Observation Schedule.

Practicum Assignments for Linguistics 171 – Students enrolled in Linguistics 171 can complete their practicum hours at the AEI depending on the availability of mentor teachers.