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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Summer Session 2021 - Registration Information

2021 REGISTRATION: March 15th - April 19th. Fees must be paid by April 19th or you will be dis-enrolled.

IMMEDIATE PAY REGISTRATION: begins April 20th. Fees must be paid within 24 hours of enrollment or you will be dis-enrolled. Immediate Pay registration will be available until instruction begins. You may enroll through the fourth calendar day of the class with a permission number.

On this page:

Adding Classes

Matriculated (active) Fresno State students may register through MyFresnoState once registration begins. There is no priority registration for Summer Session. You may add Summer Session classes without a permission number until instruction begins (unless the class has restricted enrollment, at the request of the instructor or department). After instruction begins, you may still add most classes until the fourth calendar day if you obtain a permission number from the instructor. You may not add face-to-face classes after instruction begins if they meet for fewer than five times or five calendar days.

If you are not a student at Fresno State or another California State University Campus, please review the campus registration instructions.

For more information on deadlines, read summer payment deadlines, financial aid, and grant.

Grading Options

You may select grading options (e.g. letter grade, credit/no credit, or audit) when enrolling online or with a registration form. Some courses require a specific grading options (this will be noted on the class in the MyFresnoState Class Schedule). The grading option you designate will be used on your transcript.

Changes to your grading option must be made no later than Friday of the first week of class. For classes lasting four or fewer days, changes in grading option must be made prior to the class start date. You may change your grading option on MyFresnoState or with a Schedule Change/Refund Form


Prerequisites are now in effect for Summer Session classes. If you have not met prerequisites at the time of registration, or if you met the prerequisites at another institution, you may not be able to enroll in a class without a permission number. You may contact the instructor or department office to request a permission number. Refer to the University Catalog or contact the department office for more information about prerequisites for individual classes. If you met the prerequisite at another institution, be prepared to provide evidence upon request, such as a copy of your transcript from that institution.

Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are required for students who do not meet prerequisites (see above) or who wish to enroll in a class after the first day of instruction. Some classes are also completely restricted and all students who wish to enroll must request permission numbers. Contact the instructor or department office to request a permission number.

Wish Lists

You may add Summer Session classes to your wish list in MyFresnoState. Wish lists may be available before  registration begins.

Wait Lists

Wait lists are available in Summer Session for full classes. If you are placed on a wait list, check your Fresno State email regularly to see if you have been enrolled.

WARNING: During Immediate Pay registration (April 20th - beginning of class), you will only have 24 hours to pay fees after being enrolled from the wait list, or you will be dis-enrolled. You should check your email daily during this period so you don't miss your window!

Dropping Classes

You may drop classes online online using MyFresnoState or by submitting a Schedule Change/Refund form. You may drop most classes until the fourth calendar day. If a face-to-face class meets fewer than five times or for fewer than five calendar days, you may not drop after instruction begins.

WARNING: After the fourth calendar day, there are NO DROPS OR REFUNDS unless you have a serious and compelling reason (see below). You will receive a failing grade if you do not attend class or attempt to drop.  Information on refund policies for dropped classes.

If you wish to drop a class after the deadline for a serious and compelling reason, you may petition for an exception. Examples of serious and compelling reasons include: medical emergencies, family emergencies, military service, or jury duty. The Associate Dean of Continuing and Global Education will review your petition. Submit your petition on the Schedule Change/Refund Form and include a detailed explanation (attach additional pages if needed). Please also include supporting documentation (e.g. a doctor's note for a medical emergency) to substantiate your request. If approved, you will be dropped from your class with a grade of "W."

Schedule Changes

Classes are occasionally added or removed to the schedule. You will be promptly notified if your class is affected by any schedule changes.


Official grades for summer classes will be posted to transcripts in mid-August. If your class ends earlier in the summer, you may view your grade in your MyFresnoState Student Center under "My Grades." Please note that summer grades are not considered "official" by the University until they are posted to transcripts.

Summer Session grades will be averaged into the your Fresno State GPA, just like any other class.