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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Decipher Certification Program

Fresno State has partnered with FocusVision, a market research solutions company, to offer a training program for professionals who are interested in working with the company's Decipher platform. Decipher is a custom software platform that allows companies to develop surveys for market research. The purpose of this certification program is to ensure that users are trained on key Decipher topics, positioning them for future employment by companies that use the platform.

Why Get Certified?

Decipher Programming Associate 1 (self-paced)

The certificate program is completely web-based and includes a series of recorded training videos and tasks designed to foster a broad understanding of the Decipher platform. These required training sessions are self-paced and will help to bring individuals up to speed on the platform's programming, testing, monitoring, reporting, data management, and project management capabilities.

Once students complete the course content, they will be issued three exams and a final exercise to complete. A certificate of completion will be issued to all students who pass all program requirements.


Course Fee: $300

To register today, please email with your name and a brief explanation expressing your interest in the course.  A FocusVision representative will answer your email within 48 hours and help you complete the registration/online payment process. 

After you register with FocusVision, a representative from Fresno State will contact you to complete the setup process. Please allow 2-4 business days for processing.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students may request a withdrawal and refund in writing by emailing David Hoff at Full and partial refunds will only be processed if withdrawal request is received by the following dates:

  • 100% refund if request for withdrawal and refund is received within 24 hours after notification of enrollment in the course is sent to student.
  • 50% refund if request for withdrawal and refund is received within 48 hours after notification of enrollment in the course is sent to student.
  • No refunds will be processed beyond 48 hours after notification of enrollment in the course is sent to student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a minimum degree requirement?

A. No. A current computer science degree is preferred, but not required. A college degree is not necessary to complete this certification.

Q. Are there any skill requirements?

A. Prospective students should be able to type 35+ WPM and possess moderate computer skills. An aptitude for programming is a plus.

Q. How much time will it take me to complete the program?

A. New FocusVision employees typically spend 3 full work weeks on this material, or 120 hours. At a moderate pace, you will require 4-6 weeks to complete the course. The course is self-paced and can be completed at your leisure.

Q. What are the minimum computer requirements?

A. Students should have a PC with audio/video capabilities and a broadband internet connection that meets the minimum requirements for the following software programs:

Q. Do I need to purchase any software for the Decipher Certificate Program?

A. No. You will need to download several free computer programs, which will be specified in the syllabus.

Q. Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the course content, examinations, or learning process?

A. Prospective students should contact FocusVision's Decipher Certification Program Coordinator at or 559.436.6940.