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International Office

Inbound International Scholars Guidelines

The Faculty host and Department have supervisory responsibility of international scholars they invite.  There is no institutional expectation the faculty come to campus each day, but campus attendance and the role of the faculty should be discussed in great detail within the department, including the participation expectation in classroom presentations, research colloquia, and other department/school events.  It is the department’s responsibility to ensure the researcher’s presence on our campus adds to our campus’s culture and intellectual discourse.  If the scholar disappears, the department faculty host or department chair must immediately contact Sarah Lam who would inform the Department of State as required by the scholar’s visa.  Please note, California State University Fresno does not provide central office space for visiting faculty; providing adequate office and research space is the responsibility of the department. 

Faculty Host Responsibilities

  • Screening and selecting qualified foreign nationals to carry out exchange initiatives;
  • Monitoring the visitor throughout their stay and reporting any issues or changes to Fresno State’s International Office;
  • Ensuring that the foreign national makes progress to completing the responsibilities for which entry to the United States was granted;
  • Assisting the visiting scholar’s application preparation and submitting the complete application to the International Office;
  • Immediately notifying the International Office of any serious problems or controversy.

Department Host Responsibilities

  • Maintaining regular communication with the visiting scholars;
  • Actively engaging the scholar to university events and ensuring they are included in university culture;
  • Arranging logistics of visits, arrival, and departure of the scholar;
  • Encouraging research presentations.  Arranging for event rooms and times; publicizing events in appropriate venues;
  • Assisting the scholar with securing living resources and help with adjustment to the local area, with the assistance of International Office staff
  • Securing office and research space, if available
  • Immediately reporting a non-attending scholar to International Office,
  • Providing necessary equipment for the scholar (computers, research equipment, etc.) when available

Exchange Visitor Responsibilities

  • As required by US Homeland Security, the scholar must maintain sufficient funds for the duration of the proposed activity including funding support for family members, if any. The scholar is required to provide evidence of personal funds in the amount of U.S. $2,000 per month and an additional $10,000 per dependent per year.  
  • Scholars are required to purchase a mandatory health insurance policy for themselves and dependents upon arrival.  The cost of the policy is the responsibility of the scholar.
  • By the last month of the DS-2019 program date, the scholar is required to submit a report to summarize the visiting and cultural experiences at Fresno State and the United States.
  • The scholar must inform Fresno State’s International Office when the following occurs:
  • Changes in financial support;
  • Planned travel outside of the United States.  The scholar is strongly cautioned that international travel during their program needs pre-approval.  Failure to obtain pre-approval may lead to the scholar being denied remittance to the United States;
  • Changes of address, phone, email or emergency contact information;
  • Changing the program end date originally printed on the DS-2019;
  • Adding a dependent on their DS-2019;
  • Extending the date of their departure from the United States;
  • Planned transfer to another program or university;
  • Disclosure of compensation from a sponsor or third party for the activity that is part of the approved program;
  • Any serious problems or controversy. 

Continuing and Global Education’s International Office Responsibilities

  • Screening J-1 exchange scholar applications for DS-2019 eligibility;
  • Issuing eligible J-1 DS-2019;
  • Ensuring that the visitor has the appropriate insurance per the government regulations; and
  • Reporting the J-1 visitor’s arrival to SEVIS within 30 days of J-1’s program start date to Homeland Security.