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Early Start

View Your Early Start Status

Early Start information can be found in the MyFresnoState Student Center, under "Important Info/Holds" and/or "My Admissions and Program Applications." To access:

  1. Log into MyFresnoState
  2. Click "Student Self-Service"
  3. Click "Student Center"

Important Info/Holds

The "Important Info/Holds" box in the upper right-hand side of the Student Center may contain information on Early Start. Look for details on "Written Comm Placement" and "Math/QR Placement Category." Example:


Those notifications will include a code that indicates Early Start status.

Math Codes
Readiness  Early Start Status Written Comm Code Math Code
Fulfilled Exempt W1 M1
Ready Exempt W2 M2 
Ready: With Support Recommended  W3 M3 
Ready: With Support Required W4  M4 

NOTE: Not every student has these "Important Info/Holds" notifications.

Early Start Program Page

The Early Start program page provides information on English and Mathematics readiness, based on the information available to Fresno State Admissions at that time. Statuses are updated as new information is received.

Students who are Early Start Required for both English and Mathematics (category W4 and M4) have the option of opting out of one of the two subjects by checking the "Opt Out" box and confirming the selection.

If a student is required to take Early Start, they will also see a "Financial Aid Information" box containing information about their Early Start program fee waiver eligibility.

To access the Early Start page:

  1. Go to the "Student Center"
  2. Click "My Academic Records & Registration"
  3. Click "Early Start"

The Early Start program page also includes a link to register for classes.