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Early Start

Early Start Costs, Fee Waiver & Refunds

Program Fees | Other Expenses

Program Fees 

Early Start classes cost $191 per unit. Each student will also be charged mandatory University Student Union and Student Health Center fees. All program fees are covered by the Early Start Fee Waiver.

  • Early Start English (1-unit) fee: $191
  • Early Start Math (3-units) fee: $573
  • University Student Union fee: $1
  • Student Health Center fee: $1

Fee Waiver (Financial Aid)

An Early Start fee waiver is available if you have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $6,000 or less. If you are not eligible to submit a FAFSA, you should file the State Financial Aid application prior to enrolling in Early Start. A formula similar to the EFC is used to determine your waiver eligibility.

The fee waiver fully covers the Program Fees. It does not cover supplies, reading materials, parking, or room and board.

If you are a host student attending another CSU in the fall, you may check your fee waiver eligibility on your home CSU student account.


You may receive a refund for your Early Start fees if:

  • you drop your class before instruction begins. Submit a Schedule Change/Refund Form to receive your refund.
  • you pay fees and later become eligible for a fee waiver. Submit a Schedule Change/Refund Form to receive your refund,
  • you enroll in a class and later become exempt from that subject area. A refund will be automatically mailed to the address you have on file in MyFresnoState (no form needed).

You are NOT eligible for a refund if none of the reasons above apply and you drop your class after instruction begins. You may petition for refund consideration if you have a serious or compelling reason to drop your class (e.g. called for military service, jury duty, illness, childbirth, etc.). Submit a Schedule/Change Refund Form and include an explanation for your petition with supporting documentation (e.g. a doctor's note).

See "Registration" for instructions on dropping classes.

Other Expenses 


Early Start classes are fully online in 2021. Parking permits are still required if you visit the Fresno State campus during the program. See "Parking" for more information.

Supplies and Materials

At the beginning of each class, you will receive a syllabus with information about required course materials.