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Online Degree Completion Program B.A. in Liberal Arts

Academic Roadmap

Prior to admission to the program, all students must have an academic road map generated by the College of Arts and Humanities Advising and Support Center. To schedule an appointment, call 559.278.4597.

Once you have your academic road map, you will be contacted by the Division of Continuing Education with instructions on how to apply to the University.

Road map commonalties:

  • Students take 1-2 courses/8-week term; 1-3 weeks between terms
  • All students must take ENGL 160W their first 8-week session (required regardless of whether they already completed W requirement)
  • All students take at least one course from each of the 3 course groups: 1) Foundations, 2) Regional Focus, 3) National and Global Contexts
  • All students take capstone class AH 116 their final 8-week session
  • All students take at least 25 units in major program
  • All students must complete the same GE requirements as any undergraduate (provision is made in program courses to offer at least one course in each upper division GE area)
  • If students previously successfully completed any of the major coursework, those units count towards their 25 units degree coursework