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Online Degree Completion Program B.A. in Liberal Arts

More about Liberal Arts

Girl LaptopThrough an innovative, online program of interactive and project-based learning, students gain a depth of knowledge and make connections across disciplines. They learn to draw on rich and varied liberal arts to address current challenges in careers, local communities, and the world. Graduates leave with leadership skills fundamental to successful, resilient careers. The major also prepares students for graduate study in a range of fields.

When asked what skills they need more of, in several different surveys, businesses have specified communication skills, critical thinking, and creativity. In particular, writing skills are highly marketable in many different jobs. In fact, a Liberal Arts degree is helpful because students learn to connect the knowledge and skills from different disciplines in ways that give them a leg-up on those who approach problems from one disciplinary direction.

In short, businesses want students with Liberal Arts skills: communication skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

This program includes topical coursework relevant for careers in the Central Valley including practical communications and critical thinking courses, writing, public, and business speaking, logic and problem-solving.  We incorporate a regional focus relevant to local employers and include in the curriculum global connections.

It is not uncommon for students to be working in careers where a 4-year college degree in any field is necessary for them to advance, particularly into management-level positions. Without a degree they are stuck, but they do not have the luxury of quitting their jobs to return to a traditional degree program. Many were planning to stay with their current employers—but are likely to garner better positions and higher salaries with the degree.