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Online Degree Completion Program B.A. in Liberal Arts

Degree Coursework

GuyPrior to starting the program students will select from the following courses in order to meet both degree and graduation requirements. Students accepted into the program will be given information on how to complete the selection process. Some courses may not be offered for every cohort. For current (2020-2022) scheduling of courses please visit the course schedule.

Core Coursework (required, 7 units)

ENGL 160W: Writing Workshop, Writing in the Liberal Arts (4, W)

AH 116: Humanities of the Modern Era (culminating seminar) (3)

Remaining 18-41 units chosen from among the following courses, including at least one from each grouping:

Foundations in the Liberal Arts

PHIL 150: Foundations of Knowledge (3, IC)

HUM 110: Humanities of Republican and Imperial Rome (3, IC)

LING 115: Language, Culture, & Society (3)

ENGL 177: Literature, Cinema, and the Liberal Arts (4)

ANTH 105: Applied Anthropology (3, MI)

COMM 170: Business and Professional Speaking (3)

Regional Focus

PLSI 103: California Politics (3)

EES 168: California’s Earth System (3, IB)

ENGL 174: Popular Fiction, Literature of the Central Valley (3, IC)

PH 156: Health and Well-Being in the Central Valley (3)

National and Global Contexts

PH 104: Global and Cultural Issues in Health (3, MI)

WS 120: Women of Color in the U.S. (3)

NSCI 115: Environmental Earth and Life Sciences (3, IB)

MUSIC 187: Pop Music, Jazz, and Rock (3, IC)

CLAS 114: Mexico and the Southwest 1810-1910 (3, ID)