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Online Degree Completion Program B.A. in Liberal Arts

Reconnect Online Degree Completion Program B.A. in Liberal Arts

Priority Application Deadline: April 9, 2021

Late applications will be reviewed.

CapFresno State wants you to complete your degree!

If you were a student at Fresno State and didn’t complete your degree, we want you back! Fresno State is proud to announce the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, a new option for returning students to complete a degree at Fresno State in a fully online format. 

Designed for the working adult who cannot return to the campus to complete the traditional degree, the online Liberal Arts degree completion program creates a new major for the student to complete their degree. Important to note, by entering this program, students will not graduate with the major they declared prior to leaving the university.  

Students interested in finishing their degree in a traditional face-to-face program major, such as the one they originally declared when previously enrolled are encouraged to contact the University Advising Center for assistance enrolling in a traditional program major. Students wishing to return to Fresno State and complete their original major should also contact their College/School Advising Center and discuss their particular degree deficiencies.

The Liberal Arts degree embodies an integrated, rigorous, and interdisciplinary approach in higher education. Interdisciplinary studies foster connections among disciplines and draw upon multiple areas of knowledge to develop student competence in analysis, communication, creativity, human diversity, ethics, and leadership to address challenges in career and community.

Liberal Arts students take a minimum of 25 units online in sequential 8-week segments to satisfy this new major. Some students may take up to 50 units to complete the 120 unit requirement for the BA. As part of this degree program, students will also be offered opportunities to complete Upper-Division General Education, the Multicultural/International graduation requirement and the Upper-Division Writing Requirement.

The program lasts just under two years with 2 required courses, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the schedule. 

Careers and Employment

A degree in Liberal Arts prepares students for a broad range of careers that include a range of jobs in government, journalism, politics, the communications industry, business administration, entrepreneurship, consulting and analysis, law and health fields. Moreover, a liberal arts degree also prepares students for graduate work in a variety of disciplines.