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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Summer Session 2021 - Fees & Payment Deadlines


FEE - GRADUATE CLASSES: $405 per unit


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Summer Session fees are $331 per unit for undergraduate classes and $405 per unit for graduate classes. Some classes may have additional course fees to cover materials. Textbooks are not covered in these fees. Classes with course fees will be noted in the Class Schedule on MyFresnoState.

Statement on fees: The CSU and California State University, Fresno make every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. The CSU and California State University, Fresno must reserve the right, even after initial payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees, without notice; we also reserve the right to correct errors in marketing documents. All listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change (see "Fees and Refund Rates" below).


FULL REFUND: You will receive a full refund if you drop your Summer Session class before instruction begins.

PARTIAL (65%) REFUND: You will receive a partial (65%) refund if you drop your Summer Session class after instruction begins, but before the end of the fourth calendar day of the class.

If a face-to-face class meets for fewer than five times or five calendar days, you may not obtain a refund after instruction begins without a serious and compelling reason.

WARNING: After the fourth calendar day, there are NO DROPS OR REFUNDS unless you have a serious and compelling reason. You will receive a failing grade if you do not attend class or attempt to drop.

If you drop a Summer Session class, you must submit a Schedule Change/Refund Form to receive a refund. Otherwise, the funds will remain on your account and can be used for other classes/fees. If you register for a Summer Session class that is subsequently removed from the schedule, you will receive an automatic, full refund and will not have to submit the Schedule Change/Refund Form.

Fees and Estimated Refund Rates (Undergraduate Classes)

Unites and Refunds table
Units Fee 65% Refund Rate
1 $331.00 $215.15
2 $662.00 $430.30
3 $993.00 $645.45
4 $1,324.00 $860.60
5 $1,655.00 $1,075.75
6 $1,986.00 $1,290.90
7 $2,317.00 $1,506.05
8 $2,648.00 $1,721.20
9 $2,979.00 $1,936.35
10 $3,310.00 $2,151.50
11 $3,641.00 $2,366.65
12 $3,972.00 $2,581.80
13 $4,303.00 $2,796.95
14 $4,634.00 $3,012.10
15 $4,965.00 $3,227.25

Fees and Estimated Refund Rates (Graduate-Level Classes)

Unites and Refunds table
Units Fee 65% Refund Rate
1 $405.00 $263.25
2 $810.00 $526.50
3 $1,215.00 $789.75
4 $1,620.00 $1,053.00
5 $2,025.00 $1,316.25
6 $2,430.00 $1,579.50
7 $2,835.00 $1,842.75
8 $3,240.00 $2,106.00
9 $3,645.00 $2,369.25
10 $4,050.00 $2,632.50
11 $4,455.00 $2,895.75
12 $4,860.00 $3,159.00
13 $5,265.00 $3,422.25
14 $5,670.00 $3,685.50
15 $6,075.00 $3,948.75


Financial Aid

Fresno State students who have unused financial aid from the previous academic year may be able to apply it to Summer Session classes. To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be enrolled in at least 6-units of academic-credit courses during May-June Intersession and/or Summer Session.
  2. At east one of those classes must begin prior to the month of July.
  3. Submit a Summer Interest Form to the Financial Aid Office.

2021 Summer Interest Forms will be available from the Financial Aid Office on April 15th and must be submitted by June 11th. Questions? Please check with the Financial Aid Office

Provost Graduation Initiative Grant

Students may be able to obtain grant funding for Summer Session courses through the . For more information, visit the Provost Graduation Initiative Grant program.