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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Summer Session Procedures and Resources for Faculty

Summer Session faculty procedures and resources can be found below.

Administrative Withdrawals

If for some reason you need to request withdrawal of a student from your class, please complete the Continuing and Global Education Administrative Change Form (found on the "Forms" page).  Please submit this form within three days of the class start date.

Classroom Access (Keys)

Most of the classrooms on campus will be unlocked by the University Police department if a class is scheduled. Rooms with specialized equipment, such as computer or science labs, may have different unlocking requirements. Please also note that rooms in the Peters Business Building are not unlocked by University Police. Please take note of your room assignment in the MyFresnoState Faculty Center and contact your department office at least six weeks prior to the start of your class to request a key, if needed.


Per campus policy, course evaluations are handled by the department offices. Please contact your department office for more information about evaluations during Summer Session.

Grade Submission

Please submit all class grades through MyFresnoState within one week of the class end date. Contact the Summer Session Coordinator if you are having trouble accessing your grade book. 

Permission Numbers

Continuing and Global Education will  generate 10 permission numbers for each class, which can be found in your MyFresnoState Faculty Center. If you request that your class be fully restricted, enough permission numbers will be generated for every student. Catalog prerequisites apply to Summer Session classes, so students from other CSUs, colleges, etc. will need permission numbers to enroll, as their transcripts will not be on file at the University. 

Permission numbers are valid until online enrollment is closed for your class. Contact the Summer Session Coordinator if you have any questions or want to request more permission numbers.

Textbook Ordering

Textbooks for Summer Session may be ordered from the Kennel Bookstore. The tentative deadline is April 1st, 2021. You should follow all required deadlines to designate zero-cost course materials for summer classes. Contact the Kennel Bookstore Course Materials department at 559.278.4278 with any questions.