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Division of Continuing and Global Education

Proposing a Summer Session Course

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Summer Session Course Proposal Form is now available in DocuSign. All 2021 Summer Session course proposals must be submitted in this manner. Visit the course proposals page for more information on the DocuSign submission process and to start a proposal form.

The deadline to submit a 2021 Summer Session course proposal is Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. Please fill out the front of the course proposal form in its entirety. If you are proposing a topics course, fill out the “Topic Course Information” section on the back as well. If you have any questions, contact the Summer Session Coordinator.

Dates & Meeting Times

Your class may meet at any time during Summer Session (June 14th - August 13th). No class meetings, exams, or activities may occur before or after that period. Although scheduling is highly flexible, "W" courses must meet for a minimum of 6-weeks during the 9-week Summer Session term. 

If your class includes periodic synchronous activities (lectures, exams, etc.) that students are required to complete on specific dates/times, please include them on your course proposal form or attach a separate schedule in DocuSign. We will make this information available to students when they register so they do not inadvertently enroll in classes that meet at the same times.

NOTE: Classes are not held on Independence Day (or its observed date). You do not need to add a "make-up" day for the holiday.

Minimum Contact Hours

Summer Session classes must meet for the same amount of time as regular semester classes. Please plan virtual lectures and activities accordingly. 

Multiple Sections

We recommend that departments avoid booking too many sections of the same course during Spring (May-June) Intersession and Summer Session. Each section will be evaluated individually, and multiple sections may compete for the same enrollments.

Next Steps

After you submit your course proposal, you will receive an email acknowledgment within 4-6 weeks (excluding holidays). If approved for scheduling, DocuSign will email you a PDF copy of the completed form. If more information or revisions to your proposal are needed, the Summer Session Coordinator will follow up. Scheduling will be completed by the end of February and registration will open for students in mid-March.

Approval of your course proposal does not guarantee a teaching appointment. Summer Session classes must have at least 20 paid enrollments by June 3rd to be approved. Classes that do not meet this threshold must have sufficient paid enrollments to cover all expenses—including overhead costs and faculty salaries—by June 3rd.

NOTE: Please monitor your email on June 3rd. You will receive an with a status report for your course in the PM hours. If a contract is to be issued, this status report and a contract will be sent via DocuSign.

Getting the Word Out

For best enrollment results, we advise instructors and department chairs to consider the following:

  • Inform students EARLY: Make sure that students know about your classes as early as possible so they can plan their summer schedules and secure funds for summer school. 
  • Scheduling: Schedule your course for days and times that will attract as many students as possible. Remember, Summer Session courses can be scheduled at any time within the 9-week term. 
  • Offer high-demand courses: General Education and “W” courses are often popular, but so are “bottleneck” courses, such as core requirements for degree programs. However, students cannot be required to enroll in Summer Session to graduate (i.e. they must also have a class option in the fall or spring). 
  • Keep external populations in mind: Summer Session is open to all individuals who meet course prerequisites, including community members and students from other universities. If the class you intend to offer has prerequisites, external students (including students from other CSUs) will need permission numbers to enroll.